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This article covers how entrepreneurs can use Abaca to join the Coalition Pipeline.

What is an Innovation Coalition on Abaca?

An Innovation Coalition on Abaca is a network of entrepreneurs, investors and entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) that have joined together around a shared purpose. Examples of shared purposes include knocking down barriers to capital for under-represented founders, raising the visibility of investable startups in a particular location, or getting investment in innovations solving big global problems, such as climate, financial inclusion or healthcare access.

Why join a Coalition?

By joining a Coalition, you will be able to find and connect with supporters or investors that have come together around the Coalition’s stated purpose. That gives your company more visibility with those motivated to support your idea. Coalitions are formed to help investors and other supporters find a pipeline of companies working on a particular problem, in a particular geography, or in some cases, companies with founders with a particular background.  

How to join a Coalition 

If you haven’t received a direct link, you can join publicly available coalitions by clicking on the “Join the Coalition” button from the main navigation. Many organizations start coalitions but prefer to promote them through their own websites and social media, so be on the lookout for those in your network.


If you are here for the first time, select the Coalition you wish to join, then continue to join the Pipeline or Coalition on the Entrepreneur side.

You will land on a page that describes the Coalition sign-up process. Click “START” to be directed to the first step.

Sign Up here:

You will start by creating your company profile, followed by two simple steps that will help us understand your business. Supporters will be able to view your profile, and the data underneath factors into matching you with the best-fitting forms of support.

Note: If you already have an Abaca account, go ahead and Sign in from the link in the top bar. You’ll be able to review and update your latest investment readiness assessment and any answers you’ve already provided to Coalition intake questions.

If you don’t already have an account, you will first be asked about your contact information, including company name, email address, location, and sector. Click “CONTINUE” to continue setting up your profile.

Your Investment Readiness Self-Assessment

At the root of Abaca is the Venture Investment Level assessment. Village Capital honed this assessment with thousands of entrepreneurs in 30 countries as a common language between entrepreneurs and investors about where a company is on its pathway to scale. Every company has a level, and every investor invests at a level or range of levels.

Toggle the scale to indicate the level your company is currently at in the following categories: team, problem & vision, value proposition, product, market, business model, scale, and investor exit. 

As you move the circle up and down the scale, the box at the right will display the characteristics of a company at each level. Read through each carefully as you reflect to choose one that best describes your company.

Click the "Next Category" to continue through all levels of the assessment.

Next, you will be asked some detailed questions about your company that qualify you for your selected Coalition. 

Your answers will help us match you to investors, other supporters attached to this specific Coalition and those on Abaca whose preferences match with the characteristics of your company. 

Once all is done, click “SUBMIT”

Then finish setting up your account and access the coalition by  setting up your password and verifying your account for your future login and access to Abaca. 

After your account verification

 You can now log in to Abaca to access your profile, your milestone planner and achievements, your Venture Investment Level, update your company information, and explore how you match with investors in the coalition.


Once you have an Abaca account, you can always go to www.abaca.app and click “log in” in the navigation bar. You can also bookmark your profile 

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