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Find startups that match your investment preferences. Measure, track, and interpret companies’ progress - even at the earliest and most intangible stages.
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Explore Funding Vehicles

Capital Explorer helps you navigate a wide spectrum of funding options and how suitable they are for different kinds of businesses.

Identify innovative funding vehicles you can offer companies.

Help founders make informed decisions on their capital stack that fit their growth profile and long-term objectives.

Prescreen Incoming Deals

More efficiently sift and sort ventures that fit  your thesis best, including those you wouldn’t otherwise find through your usual network. Take the short assessment and pinpoint your specific selection criteria. Abaca’s matching algorithm uses your preferences to produce high-quality matches, and you can ask incoming leads to take the Abaca assessment to save both you and the founders valuable time.

Share your progress

Have more productive conversations with investors, mentors and your team by saving and updating your Level as part of a profile. Share your profile and learn a common language for talking about your progress and identifying milestones critical to growth.

Track Companies’ Progress

It can be hard to show measurable results in a short time, especially for early-stage companies. Revenue earned, capital raised, and jobs created are lagging indicators, particularly in earlier stages. Abaca tracks immediate progress on dozens of business milestones vetted by hundreds of investors.

Provide Targeted Support

Provide your entrepreneurs a customized approach to entrepreneurial support. With Abaca, you gain a precise understanding of the needs and challenges of each venture you work with, enabling you to precisely target your support and multiply your effectiveness.

Find Co-Investors Faster

Whether you’re looking for a co-investor to join a round, or wanting to introduce your startups to up-stream investors, Abaca helps you build and share list of companies with other investors on Abaca, or with those not on Abaca via a link. Investors who also join Abaca will see match scores based on their own selected criteria, saving them time in identifying the best fits for their investment thesis.

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