Benchmark your company on its path to scale

Abaca takes frustration out of raising capital by providing you with a common language to communicate with investors, a picture of where your company stands now, and a roadmap for where to go next.

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Why Abaca?

Abaca helps you benchmark your startup's progress and level up.

Explore Funding Options

Explore a broad spectrum of funding options with Capital Explorer.

Get recommendations & make informed decisions about your capital stack.

Answer funding questions that are plaguing your thoughts.

Network smarter

Abaca provides you with a better starting point and a common language to use with investors, mentors and support organizations.

Share your progress

Have more productive conversations with investors, mentors and your team by saving and updating your Level as part of a profile. Share your profile and learn a common language for talking about your progress and identifying milestones critical to growth.

Match with Supporters

Abaca’s matching algorithm helps you pinpoint where to look for raising capital -- whether that’s grant, debt, angel, seed or venture capital. It also matches you with resources in your ecosystem, such as incubators, accelerators, or government programs and incentives. A customized match score provides you with a gauge of which options are your best fit.

Plan and track progress

Built upon Village Capital’s proven Venture Investment Level methodology, Abaca charts growth milestones across eight categories investors care about most.

Become self aware

Know your company’s strengths and weaknesses, using the language investors use. Make funding conversations more productive and avoid the mystifying “sorry, you’re too early” response.

Align your Team

Use Abaca to align your team on strategic priorities. Abaca’s investment readiness assessment helps you explain not only what your team needs to focus on but why.

Level up your investment readiness

Abaca’s milestone grid helps visualize your progress in each business category. Quickly pinpoint gaps needed to complete your next milestone and overall level. We call those gaps critical milestones, which help set priorities and are great for framing conversations with board members, investors and mentors.

Level 1

Establishing the Founding Team

Level 2

Setting the Vision

Level 3

Solidifying the Value Proposition

Level 4

Validating an Investable Market

Level 5

Proving a Profitable Business Model

Level 6

Moving Beyond Early Adopters

Level 7

Hitting Product-Market Fit

Level 8

Scaling Up

Level 9

Exit in Sight