Get updates on how your startups are doing and provide targeted support.

Accelerators, bootcamps, and organizations that provide legal and other support to entrepreneurs use Abaca to measure, track, and analyze startup progress even at the earliest and most intangible stages. 
Abaca is all about getting promising entrepreneurs the support they need.  Get started by creating your Supporter profile.

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Share your progress

Have more productive conversations with investors, mentors and your team by saving and updating your Level as part of a profile. Share your profile and learn a common language for talking about your progress and identifying milestones critical to growth.

Help founders make informed decisions about their capital stack

Entrepreneurs explore a wide variety of funding options with Capital Explorer. 

Companies get recommendations. You receive and discuss the results.

Help founders answer funding questions that are plaguing their thoughts.

Track Cohorts

Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) use Abaca to track progress among cohorts.

It can be hard to show measurable results in a short time. Typical indicators like revenue earned, capital raised, and jobs created are lagging and take months, if not years, to show results.

Abaca tracks immediate, tangible progress on dozens of milestones. Impress your funders with early evidence that your companies are benefitting from your support.

Provide Targeted Support

Provide your entrepreneurs a customized approach to entrepreneurial support. With Abaca, you gain a precise understanding of the needs and challenges of each venture you work with, enabling you to precisely customize your support and multiply your effectiveness.

Get Startups to Apply

Get introduced to best-fit entrepreneurs. Abaca builds a model of your selection criteria and scans all new members as they join and all existing members as they grow. When high-quality matches are found, we suggest them to you. You can also use the Abaca investment-readiness assessment and a customized set of application questions to identify and select participants for cohorts, competitions, events and more.

Increase Your Visibility

You have great services but not enough entrepreneurs know about them. Abaca gets your services in front of promising entrepreneurs. If you’re worried about awareness, Abaca can help you.

Want to know how your startups are doing?
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Coming Soon: Track Impact

Use Abaca to track the impact of your support, such as job creation, capital raised, and revenue earned. Emailing surveys to your alumni for years to come is time-consuming, tedious, and entrepreneurs have little if any incentive to respond. Abaca is developing a results tracking feature to provide value to you and your companies. Cut out the work, get better data, and support your entrepreneurs.

We also work with ecosystem builders to build networks on Abaca (like Virginia is for Entrepreneurs, Maine Technology Institute, Ben Franklin Technology Partners: Southeast Pennsylvania) to create a place for entrepreneurs and investors in an ecosystem to come together. Learn more about Networks on Abaca.