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Join a community focused on innovating around a shared purpose. An Innovation Coalition on Abaca organizes entrepreneurs, investors and support resources — incubators, accelerators, universities and government programs — to focus on a particular problem to be solved. The shared purpose could be a particular place, sector, impact theme, founder inclusiveness or all of the above.


Get Started by Joining a Coalition

Guided tour for how to join a Coalition: Entrepreneurs | Investors and other Supporters
Blue North Community

Blue North Community

Welcome founders , investors and ESOs! Blue North has partnered with Abaca to leverage the Village Capital framework to improve access to resources and make meaningful connections.
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Datatech for Good Coalition

Datatech for Good Coalition

A coalition supporting data-driven solutions for accessing financial, healthcare & digital services
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State of Maine

State of Maine

Connecting entrepreneurs with investors and support resources across Maine
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...or Start a New Coalition

Village Capital, the global entrepreneur support organization behind Abaca, partners with corporations, corporate foundations, philanthropists, government agencies and others to create communities of support around a diverse set of entrepreneurs solving some of the world's most pressing issues.

If you would like to build a community to rally around a common purpose through entrepreneurship and investment, please contact us today.

Increase Visibility of Resources

You’ve worked hard to build a wealth of resources for entrepreneurs in your network. Abaca shines a light on all of your resources and provides entrepreneurs with highly curated matches to the resources that are the best fit for them.

Share your progress

Have more productive conversations with investors, mentors and your team by saving and updating your Level as part of a profile. Share your profile and learn a common language for talking about your progress and identifying milestones critical to growth.

Increase Visibility of Startups

You have great entrepreneurs but they’re finding it difficult to attract the attention and capital they deserve. Abaca increases your startups’ visibility and highlights them for investors and support resources that are a good fit from the community level to the national and global stage.

Learn Your Ecosystems’ Strengths & Weaknesses 

Abaca benchmarks the strengths and weaknesses of your ecosystem’s entrepreneurs and leverages its data to aggregate the strengths and weaknesses of your network as a whole. Armed with this information, ecosystems can target the challenges their entrepreneurs face and prioritize and refine new and existing programs to address those needs.

Identify Resource Gaps and Measure Effectiveness

Abaca maps the landscape of available resources and current resource gaps for entrepreneurs in your ecosystem. Backed by data, ecosystem builders can work to deliver new resources to their communities and redirect existing programs to target gaps.

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Coming Soon: Measure Impact

Use Abaca to track the long-term impact of your network, metrics like job creation, capital raised, and revenue earned. Emailing surveys to your alumni for years to come is time-consuming, tedious, and entrepreneurs have little if any incentive to respond. Abaca is developing an impact metrics tracking feature to provide value to you and your companies. Cut out the work, get better impact data to better support entrepreneurs in your network. 

Join or start a coalition

Ecosystem builders and investors can also form coalitions on Abaca to create a shared pipeline, and establish a “common application” so that entrepreneurs can rapidly apply to several organizations easily and quickly. Coalitions can focus on sector, region, or issue.