Abaca aligns entrepreneurs with investors and other support organizations (accelerators, bootcamps, and more) on where their startup stands now and a roadmap for where to go next.


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How it Works for Entrepreneurs

When entrepreneurs join Abaca, they take an assessment on their company’s overall investment readiness. Our matching algorithm benchmarks their company from Level 1, a founding team and an idea, to Level 9, a market-leading company.

 A company’s overall investment readiness level, along with sector, region and other profile information, points founders to the right stage of funding and assistance. Category-specific levels identify milestones they’ve achieved and need to achieve before their next raise.

Jake Tamarkin

CEO & Co-Founder, Everyday Life

“Abaca is an incredibly powerful tool that helped me and my co-founder assess and align on a common understanding of where we stood, what we needed to focus on, and also identify investment opportunities."

How it Works for Investors

When investors join Abaca, they outline which stages they invest in and provide their sector and location preferences. Our matching algorithm promotes greater transparency, helping entrepreneurs understand an investor’s unique criteria.

Entrepreneur support organizations (accelerators, bootcamps, incubators, and more) can also create profiles on Abaca so that founders can easily find best-fit resources. Learn more about entrepreneur support organizations and networks on Abaca.

How Abaca’s Venture Investment Levels work

Abaca relies on Village Capital's proven investment readiness methodology to help companies benchmark and track their Venture Investment Level.

Village Capital developed the underlying framework over 10 years of training thousands of entrepreneurs and working with hundreds of investors across the world. Now it’s  available to entrepreneurs everywhere. It’s what powers Abaca.

Each level includes milestones in eight business categories, creating a 9-level, 8-category grid, which we call  the Milestone Grid. The grid challenges entrepreneurs’ preconceptions about their business’ progress, helping them see their company through investors’ eyes. This framework helps entrepreneurs articulate to investors their next steps and readiness for future investment, while also allowing investors to communicate what specifics they need to see before being ready to invest.

The grid below visualizes a startup’s progress in each business category. Entrepreneurs can quickly pinpoint gaps needed to complete the next Level. We call those gaps critical milestones, which help set priorities and are great for framing conversations with board members, investors and mentors.

Level 1

Establishing the Founding Team

Level 2

Setting the Vision

Level 3

Solidifying the Value Proposition

Level 4

Validating an Investable Market

Level 5

Proving a Profitable Business Model

Level 6

Moving Beyond Early Adopters

Level 7

Hitting Product-Market Fit

Level 8

Scaling Up

Level 9

Exit in Sight