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Capital Explorer helps entrepreneurs explore a range of traditional and innovative funding options, evaluating suitability based on answers to a set of questions about the company


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Answer questions about your business to explore which options match best, and why

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How It Works for Entrepreneurs

Founders can use Capital Explorer to learn more about funding options that align with their company's vision, ambitions, and future goals.

Capital Explorer gives entrepreneurs access to valuable information surrounding funding options. With a wealth of funding knowledge at their disposal, entrepreneurs are equipped with the guidance they need to make their own fundraising decisions.  

Capital Explorer answers many of the questions founders have surrounding funding and allows them to discover capital providers offering the type of funding that suits their company's needs.

Aunnie's photo

Aunnie Patton Power

Co-Developer of Capital Explorer,
Author of Adventure Finance

“The world of funding can be intricate and overwhelming, but with the Capital Explorer tool, founders are empowered. It's not just a tool—it's a compass, guiding entrepreneurs towards the best financing options tailored for them."

How It Works for Supporters

Capital Explorer allows Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) to help founders explore various funding options and support them in choosing the most suitable options. It uses a framework of questions about each company and then uses a matching algorithm to compare with each option's criteria.

Armed with this information, founders gain clearer insights into which fundraising options align with their strategy and vision. ESOs can provide specific guidance and support based on the shareable comparison table generated by Capital Explorer.

Additionally, since this tool helps ESOs to identify suitable funding for founders, it assists them with efficiently facilitating connections and conversations with providers.

Investors and capital providers can use Capital Explorer to determine if their funding offerings align with entrepreneur demand and generate leads or connect with companies interested in their available offerings.

How to use Capital Explorer

Capital Explorer uses a question-and-answer interface to learn about your business. It then compares the answers you provide to a matrix of criteria for each option. The result is a sorted list of options, including visual indicators, from most to least suitable.

To dig deeper, you may:

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Laurie Felker Jones

Senior Advisor,
Capital Strategist for Profit & Purpose

“Despite previously having raised $7mm from different kinds of funders, my journey as a startup founder was deeply challenged because I was building a mission-driven venture: we seemed to be too commercial for philanthropy and too committed to impact for most VCs. Having built a successful matchmaking platform with my own startup I was thrilled to join Village Capital and Aunnie Patton Power in creating Capital Explorer."

Wells Fargo
Catalytic Capital Consortium